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Gang Run Printing

What is gang run printing?

Sample color press sheet of business cards, postcards & rack cards from gang run printingThe combining of similar printing jobs onto one press sheet is known as gang run printing. All jobs being gang printed use the same paper stock and printing inks, and to a certain degree the same quantity. We use the gang process when printing color business cards, rack cards and postcards.

How does this save me money?

When printing in full color, much of the print job cost is attributed to fixed costs of setting up the job on the printing press. When ganging print jobs, these fixed printing costs are absorbed by many different printing jobs, therefore reducing your overall printing costs. Generally you will save hundreds of dollars when printing on agang run.

What products are gang printed?

We only gang run print color business cards, postcards, rack cards, mini cards, etc. Other items included brochures, posters, presentation folders and flyers are not gang printed and instead are printed individually.

How often do you print your gang runs?

We print gang runs of our card products on a continual basis throughout the week...we do not have set schedules.  Are regular turnaround time is up to 5 business days but we do also offer a rush service of 3 days.  If you require your card items faster then be sure to enquire about our ability to do dedicated print runs as well as digital printing options.