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Offset Bookmark Printing

Vancouver's Fastest Turnaround time!

We print our Offset Cards throughout the week so we do not adhere to fixed job submission days. Order any business day of the week and our standard 4-5 business day turnaround will apply.


REGULAR 4-5 business days after day of submission (eg. Mon - Thurs/Fri, Thurs - Tues/Wed, etc). Cards ready at 3:00pm on job completion date.
7-8 Days 7-8 business days after day of submission. Cards ready at 3:00pm on job completion date.
IMPORTANT! An order is considered submitted (and turnaround time begins) once we receive both an order form/purchase order AND digital files. If proofs are required then proofs must be approved as well.

Job Submission Cut Off - VERY IMPORTANT!

The day of job submission does not count as a business day. We count business days starting with the day after the date of submission, or in the case where a proof is requested, after the date the proof is approved. In addition, jobs submitted after our regular business hours will have the date of job submission being the next business day. The same will apply for proof approvals being received after our regular business hours.


It is assumed proofs will not be required as files will be submitted 'Press Ready'. PDF proofs are available, however we may require up to 24hours to prepare proofs and so it is best to add a minimum 1 extra day to turnaround times. Turnaround times will start once we have your proof approval.

Finishing Operations

Finishing such as scoring, perforating, round cornering or other special operations will require atleast 1 extra day to complete the cards.