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Offset Brochure Printing

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Brochure Printing.

Do you print brochures on other types of paper other than those listed at the site?

Yes, we can print brochures on a number of different papers and in different ink configurations. Please request a quote.

You list printing CMYK (full colour) 2 sides, but I want CMYK on one side and black and white only on the reverse side. What is the price for this?

For quantities under 5000, the price is the same as printing CMYK on both sides. For quantities over 5000 it is best if you request a quote and we will work out a price.

The size of my brochure is not listed. Do you print other brochure sizes as well?

Yes, we can print brochures of any size We have listed some of the most common brochures sizes at our site. If your size is not listed then please request a quote. 

I have large solid ink areas on my brochure and I am worried about the ink and paper cracking when they are folded. Can this be avoided?

Yes and no. We may not be able to completely stop the cracking however we can try to minimize it. Letterpress scoring the brochures prior to folding can help however this does cost extra. It is best to speak to a sales representative if you have concerns about cracking.

I am worried about finger printing on my brochures when people handle them. Can this be fixed?

Yes, varnishing your brochures can help minimize finger printing. We can apply a gloss varnish or a matte varnish to the brochure at an extra cost. Dark colours like black have a tendency to finger print a lot. 


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