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Offset Brochure Printing

Setting up brochure files for offset printing is really quite simple. Be sure you are using an application listed under our general File Setup guidelines listed here. In addition, read through our General Guidelines for general information on preparing files for print.

Panel Size:

If your brochure is to be folded then be sure the panels are set up correctly. Incorrect panel sizes is the MOST COMMON mistake made! If your brochure folds into 3 or more panels (letter fold for example) then not all panels should be the same size. For example, a standard letter fold brochure must have the innermost panel made approximately 1/8" (0.125") smaller than the other two panels, otherwise the inside panel will not fold correctly.

Panel Placement:

Make sure panels are in the correct sequence from front to back. On a standard letter fold brochure for example, the outside of the brochure has the front cover on the furthest right hand side panel. The inside of the brochure has the inside front cover on the furthest left hand side panel. We strongly recommend you print out your files to make sure the panels will end up where expected.